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Accountants Studio focuses on providing an e-learning solution for accountancy firms for the training of new accounting staff. Through our e-learning courses, we provide up-to-date training that is focused on the "Whole of Job" - everything that an employee will need to know to successfully complete a set of financial statements from start to finish as well as tax returns and GST returns.

Our focus is on creating accounting professionals - accountants that are just more than accounting technicians. We aim to create staff members that will become assets to the accounting firm through the knowledge they gain through the e-learning course.

Using Accountants Studio’s e-learning solution will provide a cost saving for the accounting firm as the senior staff member who would normally mentor the new staff member is not required to spend extended periods of time training. While there will still need to be a mentor for smaller firm-specific training items, the bulk of the training is taken care of through a model job provided as part of the e-learning course.


Accountants Studio offers an e-learning environment to train new staff into an accountancy firm. Our focus has always been on the "Whole of Job" perspective so that once through the course, the new staff member will be an accounting professional, not just a technician.

Our e-learning course takes a new staff member through the fundamentals of New Zealand based accountancy and tax law, and guides them step-by-step through the process of how a typical end of year set of accounts and workpaper file is prepared. The course then finishes with the staff member completing an in-depth model job where they will apply all the skills learnt over the previous modules. There are also extra modules on the completion of tax returns and the process of completing a client’s GST return.

The e-learning course is all web based, meaning no installation of extra programs or out-of-date software: Any changes (such as tax law changes) are automatically rolled out to everyone. The course is designed so that the new staff member can use their own workstation and become familiar with the firm’s own systems throughout the course.

The e-learning course works in combination with an on-site mentor to help the staff member along the course, with assessment feedback of the trainee available via an online portal. However, as much of the delivery of content is done by the e-learning course, the mentor's role is significantly reduced from a standard face-to-face training situation and less contact time is required.


Our first series of courses are now live!

If you have trainees needing to be trained on how to complete a rental property job for a client, we have created the "Accountants Studio Series" in conjunction with our other brand, Rental Coach. This series of courses can be taken by newbie trainees and by the end they should be able to prepare a real-life rental job for a client (excludes tax return filing). These courses can also be used as refresher training for those who have been in practice a while to keep up-to-date with the rules!

For more information, see our 'For Accountants' page on the Rental Coach website.


Accountants Studio is run by a New Zealand based company, Learn Accounting NZ Ltd, set up by Andrea Thompson. Together with her brother, Murray, they have over thirty years of experience in the accounting profession in large organisations, smaller private practices, and non-profits.

Learn Accounting NZ Ltd also offers the product “Rental Coach” ( which is an e-learning training system for landlords who want to understand the numbers of their rental property and potentially prepare their own tax return. To read more about this course, see our write-up here.

Andrea Thompson

Murray Thompson

Andrea has been the lead trainer at BDO at New Plymouth, setting up the in-house training programme and training approximately 40 new staff members during her time there. As well as her Bachelor of Business Studies from Massey University she also holds a Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary) from Bethlehem Tertiary Institute. This has helped equip her with the necessary skills to set up Accountants Studio which is focused on training new staff members in accountancy firms. She has also had experience in small practices involved in general commercial, rentals, farming, and was working in Australia when the country implemented their GST system.

Murray has been an investigations officer at the Inland Revenue Department, a senior accountant at a private accounting practice, and for five years the finance director of a large charity. He is currently also working for a charitable company which provides accountancy services to Churches and other non-profit organisations within New Zealand and also teaching two accounting papers at a local tertiary insitute.
He has a Bachelor of Business Studies (Accountancy) through Massey University and is currently working towards a Post Graduate dipolma of Business Enterprise through Southland Insitute of Technology.


Andrea Thompson - 06 281 1540 (New Plymouth) or 022 4 788340 (022 4 STUDI 0)

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